The Antifragile Stoic

Essays & Thoughts 2021 April #1

Note: I have since taken down this essay from my website for revision. Something seems off.


The Antifragile Stoic

In learning Stoicism, there comes a point where you almost want negative outcomes to occur, just so you can practice your stoicism.

There comes a point where you want events to go poorly just so you can practice staying calm and gleeful. For example, you may notice a desire for people to ridicule you just because you think it’s funny. You may even go out of your way to exaggerate your controversial beliefs.

This is the way beyond caring what others think: wanting them to disagree with you. This is the switch from merely resilient to antifragileWhat was trying to hurt you, now helps you.

There is a spectrum that exists from “vehemently wanting others to disagree with you” to “vehemently wanting others to agree with you”. It’s much easier to be anywhere on the former side of the spectrum, where you want others to often disagree with you, than it is to be at the single point on the spectrum that lies at the perfect balance of ‘indifference’.

Anyone that does not develop this conviction will be shackled by the expectations of others.

And perhaps you fear that this would turn your personality cold, but in my experience, the opposite has occurred: my friends love my differences!

Strive to gain from chaos and ridicule. Be more than merely indifferent.


Thanks to my lovely girlfriend, some essays (like the above) now have doodles! [Lemons, Force Happiness, Solitude, Freedom]


I’m drafting an essay akin to ‘the defaults are not in your favor’. Let me know if any thoughts come to mind.


I’ve begun reading again after abstaining for the previous year and a half, and I imagine continuing for the foreseeable future. Audiobooks are responsible for this. See what I’ve read recently. Best recommendation: read Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss.